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Backroads Boso II

Unforgettable day

It was a great riding with TCC members as usual, except a big crash:confused:.
It happened just before a traffic light, around 100km. I was ridding behind Phil and Alan. I could not see the light turned red as my view was blocked. and when I realized that Alan braked hard, it was too late to stop and crashed into his real wheel, then had a bad fall from my Terry, slid on the road and hit back,hip and right elbow as hard as I could not move for a little while (My neck and head were fine). But, lucky I could ride back to the station where we started.
It's still very difficult( almost impossible) to twist my body, even walk very slowly. I feel like a 100years old lady:warau: My lovely Terry had many scratches on her frame:(, while new DA7900 is no damage:)
I hope I can recover enough to ride again soon:bike:.

Phil-san: Thanks for organizing the tour and water for washing my injured elbow. It was a just 110km course as you said:) look forward to riding with you in Boso again, hopefully Yourou -keikoku;)
Thomas&Chris: I am very sorry that we can't make the Tour de Hokuriku this time. I'm still wondering how you go over the Alps from Nagano to Toyama. Fly,dig or warp:eek:? Anyway, I look forward to your tour report. Enjoy and take care!!!
Sorry to hear about your accident - take it easy and get well soon!

It's a pity you won't be joining Tour de Hokurikudo, but 健康第一 :D

Many thanks to Thomas, Chris, Naomi and Alan for making the trip out to Boso and making this a near-perfect day out (Naomi's crash was of course the non-perfect bit...:()

We had beautiful weather for the ride, perfect temps, perfect wind, perfect blue sky. As we gathered at the station we ran into David (TrufflesEater) and his wife, who had come out to reconnoiter a brevet route.

We took the usual route south of Honda, through typical mid-Boso scenery--small rice-paddy valleys framed by low wooded hills. The fields were flooded and the shoots planted, hinting already at the deep green of early August.

At Takataki Lake we took the now-obligatory group pics, then headed into the Backroads Boso rindos parallel to Yoro Gorge.

A quick stop at Kameyama followed to admire the lakes and find a place to eat--no success on the second part, but we stopped at a country store a little further up the road for much-needed food and, er, restorative beverages.

After lunch, we climbed up through a forest toward Ootaki, where we had a brief glimpse of the town's castle on the summit of the hill ahead of us, then turned north along the 147/128, a new road for Boso rides. We found some tailwinds here and we able to spin along at 40km+ in sections.

Along the way we briefly considered adding another loop to extend the ride, but wiser heads prevailed and we decided to stick to the plan. Interestingly, enthusiasm for the extra loop seemed to be directly proportional to the amount of beer drunk at lunchtime... ;)

It was with about 15km to go that Naomi had her crash. We were approaching a traffic light where we were to turn left. I was at the front and starting to move over to the inside of the line of cars about 20 m ahead when I heard the horrible sound of carbon hitting asphalt; by the time I stopped and turned around, Naomi was curled up in the middle of the road, her water bottle in the other lane, Alan and the others crouched over her--a very scary scene! I grabbed the errant bottle and directed the cars around the group, but by then Naomi was woozily on her feet and at the side of the road, already starting to recover enough to worry about her Terry and new Durace.

After taking a while to catch our collective breath and inspect the damage to person and machines (Alan's rear wheel had a bent spoke and was knocked out of true, though still clearing the chainstays), we were able to carry on back to the station at a more subdued pace, arriving there @110km and 3:30pm-ish.

Apart from the accident, it was another wonderful day out. Many thanks again to everyone for the superb company!

Naomi > Take care of yourself and get better soon. Really impressed how quickly you got back up on your bike, and how you finished the ride despite what must have been some very sore joints--respect!
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