Back to the forum, upping my cycling game


Fairdale Weekender Drop
Hi all,

I joined the forum back in 2011, but wasn't really active as I was a bit overwhelmed at the amount of riding done here and my urban jaunts paled in comparison.

I've been in Tokyo for just over 8 years, 10 in total in Japan. My cycling, like many kicked off after the 2011 earthquake and I stayed off the subway & train in favour of a 20km commute each way from Nerima to Shinagawa each day on my Trek FX7.5. I put over 15,000km on it and just bought a new bike in June 2016 to take my riding up a notch.

New bike is a Fairdale Weekender Drop with 2015 (electric silver) frame & 2016 parts. In the 6 weeks I've had it I've ridden 1,300km so far and loving getting used to drop bars. I hope to find some new routes, cycling advice and some riding buddies to share some adventures via this forum.

See you out & about in 2 wheels.


Maximum Pace
Jan 13, 2015
If this is what you have, it looks nice and sleek indeed. Don't know what you'll be able to achieve speed-wise with 11 at the back and that small ring (42?) in the front though...