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Back in Tokyo - Roppongi-style


May 16, 2007
I was here a couple years ago for study abroad and am now back, working in Roppongi-area.

Would love to go on some weekend bike rides. I've been doing Saturday Arakawa; Sunday Ooifuto here in the winter, but am down for other ideas if anybody's got some.

I was on the cycling team in college but have put on about 20 pounds since then so am trying to build back my stamina etc.

I bumped into Pete on the Arakawa today and he recommended that I try posting on the boards again. So please let me know if anybody else is in this area and wants to go for a ride some time.

- Jake
Hey mate

I am always up for a bit of Arakawa action.

Pete and I are planning to ride this coming weekend, so feel free to join us. We haven't worked anything out properly yet, but will post when we do.

Hey Jake, it was a pleasure meeting you today! Glad to see you rejoining us here on the board.

As for riding, we'll definitely be up for some sort of excursion this coming weekend, perhaps both days! Keep your eyes on the board. :D
Dude - how about chillin on the Greenline!

Kind of offtopic, but I don't get the relationship between comment and pic anyways.

What is going on with your couplers, Tim? Looks like they are oozing out a ton of grease, or is that, what you fill your drinkbottle with.

Looking forward to hear a report of the titanium steed.
Actually its 'drippage' from the bottle frozen into greenslime (as opposed to blueice) as I went to Motegi in the morning. Considering the freezing point depression of the concentration of ionic crap I had mixed into the water (ΔTF ={ΔHfusTF - 2RTF·lnaliq - [2ΔCfuspTF2R·lnaliq + (ΔHfusTF)2]0.5} / [2(ΔHfusTF/ TF + 0.5ΔCfusp-Rlnaliq)]) it was pretty friggin cold! Thus - 'chillin on the greenline' seems appropriate! Unless your name is Gunjira and the shear heat generated from BB friction is enough to melt ANY intergalactic ice accumulated within 100 parsecs of your existence!
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