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Oct 11, 2009
Hi there - been kicking a few clicks and now want to get a little more regular with my training. Over 50, currently riding my fixed gear to rehab a past injury. Live near Shinjuku and looking for cohorts to join mid week paceline 50km + / - up-cadence at old fart pace. My name is Tim, btw. Will love to join longer more intense rides as build back up the endurance and strength. Used to race back in the 70's - 80's.
Hey Tim,

I'm new to cycling and looking to up my endurance. What time you wanting to ride? I am available early mornings M-F. I live in Shinjuku near Ookubo station.
Morning rides

I could do that . I live very near Okubo as well - so it's be easy to meet up. Lets pm to xchange info.
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