August 27 Alternative


Maximum Pace
:run01: Alternative ride for tomorrow :run02:


For ikedawilliams and other fit & trained riders :D, here is tomorrow's ride alternative designed to avoid (if possible at all) the rain (probability much lower in Kanagawa/Miura than in Okutama/Saitama this Saturday).

Will leave from Koremasa bridge (Tamasai near Fuchu) at 6:30 precisely.

* Basically flat course - some climbing as we approach Odawara
* Conbini and other stops will be kept to minimum (i.e. few & short - not a social ride :eek: )
* Brisk (but not race :susp:) pace guaranteed
* Many bailout options (bring your parachute :rolleyes: )


Maximum Pace
John, sorry for my cancelling the "alternative ride". There just wasn't any interest. If only I had heard back from you a little sooner on Friday. BUT, I'm happy to read you got to join the Tsukuba train with Pete, Tim & Co. Definitely a much better course than what I ended up doing again today!