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Ashigara and Azami Line Reccy


Maximum Pace
Sep 24, 2007
The weather's not looking good tomorrow but it's my last chance to do a reccy of Azami Line before the race next weekend. I'm gonna do a ride from Shin Matsuda Station, over Ashigara Toge, hit the Azami Line (Mt. Fuji) and then head back via R413. If anyone is interested in this pain fest let me know. I'll be rolling out of Shin Matsuda at 9.10am. Pace will be fast I hope although I just got back from a 100km all out effort so who knows:confused:

Here's part of the route from Shin Matsuda to The top of the Azami Line.

How was it? I guess you got quite wet. I headed out into the mountains, hoping to do some cyclocrossing. Beyond Hashimoto all the roads were wet, above 300m it was drizzling. So I ended up doing a tame loop, no more.


Hey Ludwig, thanks for asking. OK so you're ride wasn't massive but still some good riding by the looks of that loop you did;) Well, as for me I chickened out too coz of the rain. Also got a late night last night watching Basso ride away from Evans, sigh, so I decided to get a rental car and drive to Fuji. Just did the climb once and got 2 punctures coming down, my patches were useless having been damaged by water and was forced to walk 5km downhill:mad: but as it was my back tyre I managed to ride a bit with all my weight over the front bars when it wasn't over 12% which was pretty much the whole damned way down:( Nightmare of a day really but enjoyed a nice onsen on the way home.

Have you ridden on the Azami Line? That is one insane climb. Clay (the terminator) thinks a compact isn't necessary but I could've sure used one on those stretches where it kicks up to near 20%. Ouch:confused:

Oh yeah, and the weather wasn't that bad actually. Once I hit the 10km mark on the climb I ascended above the clouds and it was quite a nice day.
I'm envious - about the nice weather above the clouds, not the punctures, that is.

I have never done any of the Fuji lines - obviously something I have to change this year.

Really unlucky to have two punctures in such a short interval. Did you tyres get too hot from all the braking?
Ludwig, yeah the first one must have been caused by the rims heating up as it just exploded after a hard corner, brakes on tight. The second one was blown before I put it on. Must've happened in the saddle bag. I usually take 2 tubes, but not on this ocassion. Lesson learned as that was not a pleasant walk in cleats down 12% plus slopes:confused:
I had the same punctured in the saddle bag problem. Now I wrap the tube in an old sock and then wrap that in saran wrap. Works a treat!:cool:
I had the same punctured in the saddle bag problem. Now I wrap the tube in an old sock and then wrap that in saran wrap. Works a treat!:cool:

Socks make good camera and phone bags too...plus less likely somebody will steal something if it's in a sock.
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