Are you riding up to Tochigi?

Jul 3, 2015
I live in Tochigi City and the riding around here is really great. Lots of great climbs and flats for days too if that's your thing.

Always looking to connect with other cyclists for a ride, so let me know if you're headed this way.

I'm on the downhill side of my cycling career so I'm not the fastest guy in the bunch, but definitely not slow either, so no worries there.
Mar 10, 2014
Funabashi, Chiba
Don't know exactlyl where that is, I know we've passed the WELCOME TO GUNMA sign multiple times on rides before, but is that near where you are in Tochigi? I guess the riding is nice out there, better than flat lumpy Chiba I'm sure. Hope there is some occasion sometime where we can all hook up out there, you can work as the tour guide through the Tochigi hills.
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Maximum Pace
Jan 13, 2015
I've been eyeing climbs to the west of Tochigi City for a while now but kinda not sure where to start. Sure could use a local knowledge there. Maybe you can post your rides here and see if anyone joins. I could theoretically do it if our schedules match