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archival footage w/bikes


Maximum Pace
Hardest Crash
Jul 26, 2008
I've done some totally inconsequential early film research, so this film is interesting in itself:


But there are a few bikes there, too. About 3:20, then at 5:35 one crosses in front, several thru the 6th minute (almost like a bike lane), and then in the 10th one approaching. Not completely sure--some glimpses are a little better--but are those bullhorn bars that I'm seeing? Common or perhaps not unusual at that time? Also in the 6th minute, note the third cyclist coasting a bit, not on a true fixie. Any other details you folks can see?
Really Fascinating

Thanks for posting this. So, although the general pace was slower, the cpc (chaos per capita) was truly sky high! Perhaps the film crew were just lucky, but it looks like there must have been many near-collisions - all in slow motion.

The first cyclist seem to be wearing plus fours, and most seemed to sporting caps or bowlers. Quite a bit more fashion-conscious than us modern folk.

One cyclist had to swing around the back of a carriage, so I imagine a similar proactive skill set was crucial.;)
Imagine viewing that hundred-year-old Frisco footage and this Tokyo commute a hundred years from now...
Yay I'm famous!

Makes me wonder, though, where all these precious media and clips will go.

If I had something stored only on a floppy disk, it would take me several hours to find a PC I could use to get to it. If it were a reel of 16mm or 8mm film, very much longer. Technology and storage media evolve so fast that it's impossible to have a permanent standard. (Some folks used to think that CD-R would never die, but are now finding that disks burned just a few years ago are now unusable.)

Vive l'Internet for making these available.

--HF Mike--
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