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Arakawa Up & Back (Sunday, JAN 30)


Maximum Pace
Jun 1, 2010
Given the time of year and people's desire for LSD rides, I'll be leading a foray up one side of the Arakawa and back down the other Sunday, January 30th. My goal is to ride in heart rate zone 2 for as much of the ride as possible, which depending on the wind is usually in the 28-35km/hr range.

Meet: 10am (5 minute rule)
Location: On Arakawa River Bicycle Path just west of Route #17 (See map)
Course: http://ridewithgps.com/routes/271497

From the starting point and back is 52km. That plus the distance to and from our homes, which for most of us is about 15km, will add another 30km or so. Additionally depending on the time and our moods upon returning to the starting point, we could continue and ride all the down to the bay to rack up some more miles.

I hope to see a few of you there!
I'll see you there on time.

I hope Japan will defeat Aussie in 90min @ the final.
So that I can take enough time for sleep.
Go Samurai blue!! :rolleyes:
I want to meet you at the 19km mark.

What time do you estimate you will get there?

We could take a detour into Omiya if you like, and go to SEO, if anyone fancies...
You mean 19km or 19 miles? I have a feeling you are referring to the 19 mile mark. Please, double check. ;)

BTW if it's the 19 mile mark, I would guess about 11:30am.
Sorry, yeah, 19 Miles.

Didn't notice that the map was not in KM. How very European of me.

OK, well see you at 11.30am at that point.

Do you fancy coming into Omiya before you head down? We could get some lunch there if you fancy. Doesn't take long to get in from that point.
Meeting at 11:30 sounds good, see you then. As for the detour, if everyone want to, I'd be open to it, but based upon last weeks ride, I'm guessing people will want to press on.
Right, was stranded until 4am last night and now totally knackered. Not going to attend this one. Press mn without me. Sorry.
Good outing today! I was joined by Andreas, Kawa and Luigi. We had an enjoyable ride from start to finish and found some nice rideable paths on both sides of the Arakawa above Route #16. I definitely want to explore even farther up the river now!

All in all a good day!
Thank you for organizing a ride Pete!
It was totally a fun ride today.
I was hungry and a bit tired for the last few kilometers, though.
I would love to do this kind of ride regularly to improve my basic ability and I'll join the next ride.

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