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Arakawa Run


The Crank Engine
Nov 1, 2005
Anyone up for a quick Arakawa Run tomorrow Friday, Nov.23? I have work in the late afternoon, but would like to spend a few hours in the saddle. I'll probably start out late (around 10:00am) from Kasaibashi. 40km up, 40km down and back home. :)

Any takers?
A taker....


This sounds perfect....Kasaibashi ....is that Kita-Senju ? I know my way to Arakawa via Ueno and using Route 4.

New pedals to try out....and then perhaps a mountain ride on Sunday !


Hi Charles,

Kasaibashi connects Koto-ku and Edogawa-ku. I have mapped the starting point here (only the starting point, not the route itself). However, we could meet anywhere along Arakawa.
Great Mimes Tinker Alike

I was thinking of something similar. Have to be home in the late afternoon to
welcome inlaws, so Kasaibashi at 10 am sounds great. Flexible, though, about
time and place.

Nobu-san, Charles and Travis, thanks for the great ride today! Unfortunately, we seem to have missed TrufflesEater. David, where have you been?

Anyhow, Charles and I started around 10.15am at Kasaibashi and met Nobu-san and Travis along the river. The weather was cold, but brilliant. We went about 40km up, against partly strong headwind, crossed the bridge into Saitama from where we headed back to Route 17. Nobu-san left us along Arakawa, the gents went to shop at Nashima's (?) in Harajuku. A great and inexpensive bicycle shop. I get to understand the Go-Go-Girls: biking and shopping *is* fun after all! :)
行きは(上流を目指す) 時速10キロ位の時もありました。:warau:

Sounds like fun guys. I wish we didn't live so far away from each other. I'm looking forward to the next time we can all ride together.

Today I went up to Yabitsu Toge via a service road I found off route 64. No cars allowed for about 10km. Some really good climbing and the leaves were stunning. Anyone keen for Sunday? Travis, Thomas, Aaron, anyone?

Glad to hear you all had a good ride. Sorry I kept you waiting. Strange thing is, though,
I was waiting on the the cycling pavement right under Kasaibashi from 10:00 to about

I hate to be late so usually leave early enough to arrive at least 15 minutes before
scheduled departure. Today I was a few minutes slow getting underway, then instead of
turning on to Rt. 10 at Kayabacho as planned, I turned too soon and found myself
wandering around Harumi. Taking a few more minutes to get back on course and
Rt. 10, I decided to skip the leisurely warmup phase and started bombing toward
the rallying point. Turning off Rt. 10 just before the bridge, I rode down the street
to the levee, walked my bike through the gate, and proceeded to ride up and over
the embankment to the Arakawa and tne base of Kasaibashi (which was marked by
a plaque in romaji). Plenty of cyclists but no sign of Thomas or anyone who could
have been Chas, so I sped upstream to the next bridge to check if anyone was waiting there.
Negative. back to Kasaibashi. Got off the bike, got out my hentai (aka ketai) denwa
time 9:59. Waited until 10:10 then started dailing Thomas's number. Halfway
through the screen flashed a message that read "TALKING" and for a brief moment I
could a voice at the other end (was Thomas simultaneously calling me?). Then my phone
went dead -- low battery I assume. (Got a text message later in the day containing
with Thomas's number at 5:13 pm, after the battery recharged, but that had been sent
at 10:11 am.) Waited another 15 to 20 minutes, getting a bit cold. Decided to turn
for home rather fight the headwind solo. Rode fast to warm up.

Stopped off in Ochanomizu to buy a new pair of running shoes. Got home in time to
straighten up and vacuum before the wife's family arrived for a 6-hour karaoke
marathon. Even had time for a run to test the new shoes. All in all a fine day
(including a short but sprightly 50 k on the bike). Sorry I missed you guys, and
especially sorry for any consternation I caused y'all. Hate that kind of thing. No idea
what the snafu was. (And hate hentai denwas with a flaming passion -- they seem to
conk out just when you really need 'em). Happy, though, to hear your day was a
good one, too.


Thomas and I were standing on top of the bridge. Thomas had arrived on time and I was five minutes late. It is amazing that we missed each other. So sorry !!

It was a great day out ....riding into that headwind was really tough. As Travis said it was "the biggest hill I have never seen !".

I looked at my stats when I returned and I was having to work at least 10-15% harder than normal just to hold 25kms. Even with a little drafting going on it was still hard work.

Anyway - good fun and lets hope we can have a successful rendezvous next time. I am glad you had a good day all the same !

I am thinking of Tomin no Mori tomorrow if anyone is interested in a scenic ride with no manic charge to the top ;)

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