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Arakawa muletto hiki runs


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Oct 11, 2009
I'm riding Arakawa most Tues / Thursday mornings. And also on either alternate Sat / Sun (bi-weekly) for the next few weeks if anyone wants to join. These are very mundane and boring 'hiki' power training ride of about 1hr (not counting commute) in length.

I have a spare muletto if anyone wants to snag for the real essence of this workout.

Schedule -

Ride out from Shinkuku or wherever and hit the Arakawa trail at 8am.
Do the hiki run, then ride back home.

I only have a few tires down there, so you're initiation will be to scrounge up a tire along the way. You can get a length of rope anywhere.

Since you're dragging a tire behind your bike, I'd suggest to use the crappiest bike you have - you may fall a few times until you get the hang of it. Wear should also be fitting to this. Namely sweatpants, hoody, towel stuffed into your jersey, etc. This is slow and sweaty work.

We use fixed gear for these rides. You will not get the benefit of training by using a freewheel. So - dig out whatever old ride you have and convert it to fixed gear - there is not alot of power braking going on here - so you can even just crossthread and locktite a cog onto an old threaded freehub derailer wheel - or get a fixilator converter at alot of bike shops. These shoddily converted bikes are called 'mulettos' .

My spare muletto is a 56 with straight seatpost so you can rack it down and fit just about anyone from 170cm on up. Fit is not that important except for the saddle height - which is really important for this.

Anyway - I'll be tweeting the schedule and ride status on twibe - you can / should follow this if you want updates.


Who knows - you might just discover another 45 degrees of pedal effort you never knew existed.
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