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Arakawa anyone ?


Speeding Up
Nov 23, 2006
I am keen to avoid the ice and snow this weekend. Wondering if anyone else is interested in a big day out on Arakawa ?

Saturday suits me better. Say an 0800 start ?

Could be persuaded about Sunday too....

Hi Charles,

I thought of riding along Arakawa tomorrow too, either just to Akigase Park and do a few laps there or continue futher into Chichibu, depending on weather conditions. 8 o'clock sounds fine to me, I need to be back home by late afternoon.

Will check back later tonight. :)

looks good. Where shall we meet ?

Hi Charles, what about meeting at 0830 at that watergate along Arakawa (I forgot its name)? Please see the thumbnail attached.


sounds like Nixon !

Yes - see you there !


Nothing quite like the headwind on Arakawa for a little bit of resistance training and Saturday did not disappoint. Thomas and I managed to put in a quick century before going our separate ways.

Thomas introduced me to the cycle racing track at the halfway point. I am not sure of the name or location but I am sure he will remind me. We did a few laps of that which was great and then turned back. At this point the wind had shifted again and was no longer completely but only partially unhelpful !

On the way back I suffered my usual rash of punks on Arakawa and after the third hiss and bumpity bump finally found the offending item and, having borrowed Thomas' spare tube plus enjoying a sustained workout using his "strictly for appearance" carbon mini-pump, I managed to limp home. So much for carrying two tubes and three gas cartridges. (Thomas - when I repaired these tubes I found I had two holes in each one !). Where is that damn support car when you need it most huh !!

Whilst enjoying the cold and wind Thomas and I were reminiscing about the Tour de Pain (Pan ?) and wondered whether there would be interest this weekend in repeating that, less the stupidity that ensued in the middle piece where we discovered that we had forgotten our ice axes and crampons for the mountain stage. How about a simple run along Arakawa to the bread shop, eat and then....er....go straight home again ?

If there is interest I will start another thread...

Hey, Charles, sounds interesting.. I think I will be free on week-ends and will try to join you if it's on (keyword - "try" :))
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