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Sep 10, 2016
Hi all

Apologies in advance about the wall of text!

Similar to Tuomas' post, I'm going to be cycling around for 4 weeks and was hoping for some input on my plans/routes. I did a trip or two when I studied in Osaka in 2010, was pretty comfortable with averaging ~150km/day with a day or two off each week. Those times I did a bit of Couchsurfing and plan on doing similar again to try and keep things within budget. I'll only have a backpack (or looking at frame- and saddle-bag) with change of cycling gear, some casual clothes and shoes.

I recall that I could definitely have done a better job on some of the route planning with some heavily trafficked roads, so keen to avoid that, and some parts weren't the most scenic either. So if you've got ideas about good routes or nice areas to visit I'd appreciate it!

I know most of you are in Tokyo, as I said in my intro post I hope to get out for a ride or two at the end of the trip. Hopefully for those not in Tokyo our paths might cross on my trip!

Rough plan is a week each in Kyushu, Shikoku, Kansai and then the final week get the train to Matsumoto and work my way down to Tokyo via Fuji/Kawaguchiko. This is all pretty flexible apart from booked flights and meeting with some friends (below).

Firm dates
5th April (Weds) AM - arrive in Fukuoka
8th April (Sat) PM - friend's birthday in Kumamoto
9th April (Sun) - visit host family in Fukuoka
16th April (Sun) - meet up with other host family in Miyoshi, Shikoku
30th April (Sun) PM - fly home from Haneda

Week 1 - Kyushu
Was initially keen on Kagoshima where I'd ridden in the past but it's a little remote. I'm thinking a few days around Nagasaki and the island/peninsulas of Omura Bay/Amakusa, then a few days around Aso, but open to suggestions

Day 1 - might jump on a train to get to the outskirts of Fukuoka, either to Saga or Karatsu and then ride the ~110km to Nagasaki, or alternately Sasebo and continue to Nagasaki later
Day 2 & 3 - Omura Bay or Hirado Islands? Nagasaki sightseeing
Day 4 - need to get to Kumamoto. According to http://www.fune.co.jp/J-index/Z-teiki/JZ-o/JZ-O-06.html there's frequent, short ferry ride to get to Amakusa, and I'd be looking at ~170km of riding. Alternately I would look at staying somewhere closer to Amakusa to shorten the distance somewhat or let me
Day 5 - "rest" day (from riding at least - my host family has 4 kids aged 6-14...)
Then spend the next few days in/around Aso, ride to Oita and get the ferry to Shikoku

Week 2 - Shikoku
Have no idea about where to go. I'll be catching up with a friend in Matsuyama and then my other host family in Miyoshi. At the end I might ride across Awaji-shima to get the ferry to Osaka, although I think I might have to get on a bus to cross the bridge from Naruto. Another idea would be to get the ferry from Tokushima to Wakayama, and head to Koya-san for a couple of days

Week 3 - Kansai
As above maybe a couple of days at Koya-san riding in the hills of Wakayama. Otherwise I'll be hitting up Rokko-san, Minoh and I recall a 477 loop out the back of Kyoto being quite nice. Any other recommendations welcome!

Week 4 - Alps/Tokyo
Get the train to Matsumoto and then spend the next couple of days doing the Venus and Crystal lines, then on to Kawaguchiko and Fuji-san.

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