Ride April 29th Enoshima-Shimoda

Dec 20, 2015
*Weather permitting, as we all know the forecast change day-to-day...

I am planning a ride from Enoshima (meeting place) to Shimoda with a break in Atami. I have only gone to Atami from Enoshima, so if anyone has experience with this route, please include your comments.

Distance: 129.5km
Pace: 20km/h +
Elevation gain: Generally flat coastal roads until Atami, then multiple climbs up to 200m
Meeting time: 8:00AM at Enoshima
Likes: theBlob


Maximum Pace
Aug 7, 2014
I have never had a satisfactory ride experience on the east coast. The up and down repeats would be bearable if you weren't sharing the road with 4 wheeled traffic. Gridlock in the towns and fast and furious in-between. This Friday is the start of GW so I cannot see it being any different. I would want to be leaving Atami @ 8 a.m. if I were you.
Apr 22, 2014
I am going same way, same day, but on the western part of Izu, because, as it was said above, the eastern is not as good and is too crowded with traffic. I am going to make a single overnight stop in Nishiizu, but it depends. Road to Nishiizu is hard and one may not make it in one day.

The pace can't be very high on that piece of the road because it is all made of ups and downs, so yeah, 18-20 kmph sound realistic unless very athletic.

If interested please join.