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Anyone train using a power meter?


Sep 3, 2008
If nobody else is using power to train I'll just go cry into my empty wallet. :warau:

Will be in Tokyo in about a month. Power has caught on big time in the New York area, with most serious racers using power. For a full discussion by some people with too much time on their hands check out www.peletoneast.com

I use an SRM. Have tried other in the past, so can share some views if you are interested. The biggest drawback is the hole in your wallet. Otherwise data is great.
Thanks for the response. I currently use a Powertap and have a computrainer which is what got me started using power last winter. Incidentally, I am from NYC. :)

I can attest to the hole in the wallet. A powertap wheel was about 1600USD (just the hub laced to a Velocity Tubular rim, no head unit, I use a Garmin 705)

I will definitely check out that site. I looked into an SRM on my old bike, but it had a BB30 Bottom Bracket and SRM did not have a BB30 compatible unit at that time. Now I have a non-BB30 frameset with Super Record cranks, so I went with the PT. I only have one set of wheels, so managing wheelsets isn't an issue for me.

I know some folks are using WKO+ for computing TSS scores, normalizing their Power and the like but I currently just use a spreadsheet for that since the algorithms used are all freely available. (Plus I don't want the hassle of booting into windows from my mac.)

I did find another software suite called Physfarm which I might check out since they have a free trial. Not ready to shell out 99 bucks just yet though. I'm not really a racer, unless you count the fact I race against myself every season.

I am curious though to see exactly how far I can push my own performance even if it is several orders of magnitude slower than the best. :)
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