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Anyone riding in the Odawara area...?

Gus Duncan

Dec 8, 2007
Greetings fellow Bikers...
Is anyone riding in the Odawara area?

I have just moved here from the Gold Coast, Australia.
My name is Gus and I have been watching TCC on and off for a couple of years now thinking that someday I might be able to ride in Japan. That day has truly arrived.
My wife, Michiyo and I have bought a mansion in Odawara looking up towards Hakone. It is truly a beautiful area.
In the last month, apart from setting up the new place, I've managed to ride Yabitsu – Sagami Lake, Izu Kogan – Syuzenji – Matsuzaki and Shimoda using a compass and maps covered in undecipherable kanji…!

I'd be interested in joining any rides you have planned. I'm available midweek if anyone has time. I'll be riding most days somewhere around Izu / Odawara area. I'm planing a run to Miura Peninsular.

I'm up for anything... 50, 100, 200kms is OK. I like passes and don't mind Japanese traffic.

Looking forward to gaining some local knowledge
Wecome to TCC:welcome:

Looking forward to meeting you and doing some riding!

Please feel welcome to join any of our official or unofficial events!

Welcome mate! I'm a fellow Aussie and look forward to riding with you. I can often ride weekdays also, so maybe we can hook up sometime.

Miura Ride

I`d be game for a Miura ride maybe around New Years (2-3 Jan). Cannot do sooner as I work seven days a week.
Cycle Orienteering !

Ash, Mike and Phil,

Thanks for you welcome.
This is truly great fun riding around here…So different to Australia. So far I'm always stopping to check something out or take a picture. To the point that I feel I'm not riding hard enough. At the end of the day though, the 'hills' have a way of fixing that!
The traffic's good to 'work' with also. It makes a difference having vehicles pass at 30 to 40km rather than 70km plus like back home…

About the only issue I have so far is my lack of literacy…A compass is getting me by, I just look at each ride as 'Cycle Orienteering' but instead of being dropped out in the 'bush' somewhere on a hot day with a map, compass and a slap on the back of your head, I get to ride <glide!> along smooth hotmix roads, covered in beautiful forests, farms, fantastic vistas and interesting urban environments…!

I think a Garmin Navi might make it easier to get where I want to go on the bike, but the trains are a bit of a nightmare for me at the moment. A straight line run on the 'densha' is Ok but changing trains etc…well anything can happen! Without Michiyo I think Ill stay out of Shinjuku station for a while!

Which brings me to the Tokyo Enduro? I'd love to come and meet you all and check the scene, but asking Michiyo to drag me across Tokyo again after doing it for the Motor Show and the Coyle Mode show might be a bit much…she's not a cyclist…Bugger!

Will any of you travel on the Odakyu Line or Tokaido Line to the event?
I could manage a straight line run from Odawara to a meeting point if you have time…

I'm off to work...from a ride. Odawara - Hakone - Ugawara - Odawara.
What a job! Yahooooo!
Hah, Gus, your train woes remind me of when I first came to Japan back in the early 90s; I lived out along the Odakyu line too, and the first time I went to Shinjuku station I got so completely and utterly lost that I end up buying 3 tickets just to get through the ticket barriers so I could get to where I want to go (ie. the outside). Fun times.

Anyway, welcome to TCC and hopefully see you at the bonenkai!
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