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Anyone knew about Yokozuna cable?


Sep 2, 2009
As I am considering to change all the cable in my bike, search a bit on the internet, and found a Japanese name: Yokozuna. The Competitive Cyclist online store have the stocks. However I spent time on internet and found that this "seems" to be a Japanese product have only USA market?

Do anyone saw this cable selling in Japan??

Or, what will you suggest if I want to change all my bike cable, other than the price of the cable, what will be the charge from the bike shop help me to change it?

I used these recently. They are not difficult to install ,however they are very stiff to move around corners ie on your bars or the rear brake final piece of outer casing.
They are good the stiffness gives them good shifting qualities.


How much difference does it make, really?

I've been using Shimano inners in Jagwire sheaths. Never missed a shift, or felt that my brakes were unresponsive. The only problem I ever had with cables was when I packed my bike in a box for a flight, and the front brake sheath got a kink due to the weight of the bars pulling down on it. (Lesson learned!)

Cable installation itself is relatively easy if you have the right tools. I tried once using regular cutters/pliers, and found that the sheaths got squished and the inners frayed. Bought proper cable tools and have been very happy ever since. Setting up the derailleurs and brakes again can be time consuming until you get the knack.

Bike shops will charge by time, e.g., up to 1000 yen for 10 minutes of work. But they'll likely do the job more quickly than an amateur mechanic and to a higher standard. I would personally set aside 90-120 minutes to change four cables out myself, including re-taping the bars and adjusting everything. A bike shop might take around an hour.

nothing wrong with the top shimano or campy products. made by the same people. Not sold direct in Japan due to licensing agreements I would guess. Talk to your bike shop cause if you buy the cabling they will wrap bars, reset your derailleurs as part on the install. Do you really need new outer cables? They also should be happy to make any micro adjustments you may need in the following few weeks. If I were a shop owner and you bought in cable you hadn't bought from me I wouldn't give you anything free as part of the service.
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