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Any training partner in Tokyo ??

Thomas Flindt

May 10, 2009

I am in Tokyo ( next to Shinagawa station ) from 13th may to 28th may!!! then Osaka / Kobe 28th to 1st June.

Do you guys know if theres any races to join in this period in Tokyo ??

Best regards Thomas

Ps. I am new member in here
Hello Tomas
My name is Lyle
I live in Tokyo and ride here.
Races require signing up very far in advance.
As someone who raced in US I can tell you it's a very involved system just to get to the start line in Japan. The cost is high and the distances are relatively short (except for enduro events)
I would recommend doing group rides with the nice guys here on this web site or Join me next Sunday morning at the Oi Warf which isn't far from Shinagawa Station. It's not scenic but usually a decent work out can be done.
Also the following week I may do some early morning training rides around the imperial palace.
Good luck with your cycling adventures in Japan
Thanks Lyle.

Lets keep in touch, I am ready for early morning........ the week after sunday I am more open, Cause I have to perform at the Bunka Kaikan theatre 15 min from shinagawa by train. I am arriving in 3 days on wednesday. So I hope to meet you maybe sunday morning at the place you told me about close to my hotel which is the Meridian at the SHinagawa just next to takanawa prince hotel.

Yes, I think I could meet you at the hotel and show you the Oi Warf.
I will let you know about more later, thanks
:) in Denmark we race in any weather !!!!! I have just mailed you Lyle... I got your mails delayed just now at 7, and see we cancel then at 8. see you later I guess
Hi Lyle

did you get my mail ??????? Would lik to do as you mentioned in your mail to me.

Hi Thomas. Sorry didn't get your mail!
I've done plenty of rides and races in the rain, I respect your spirit but I have my own ideas.
Yes, we can do my idea. So I will see you at 11?
Go to east exit Iidabashi
Also called JR exit
I will see you at 11
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