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Any Off Road Riders?


Jan 23, 2008
Hi, I cycle on road around the Omiya / Saitama area but wondered if there are any mountain bikers on here?

If so, please say Hi. Perhaps we could meet up for a ride soon?

Hi Dave,

I used to do a lot of mountain biking in Switzerland, but have not really found any nice trails around tokyo. Last weekend I took a trip to Nagano and rode on some nice hiking / single trails but unfortunately crashed on the (road) ride from Nagano to Matsumoto and had to abort my trip. If you know any nice off-road tracks near Tokyo I would be more than happy to join...

I MTB sometimes but due to my knee that likes to pop out a lot I'm not a keen MTBer. Standing on the pedals going down a bumpy hill scares my knee. I need to put the weight of my body on the saddle and not the pedals and it dosn't look like MTBing then. I'll be taking 2 road bikes and a MTB to Nagano over the summer and anybody up that way who wants to ride let me know. I plan on taking my MTB down the beginners ski slope of Hakuba47. It seems to be perfect for MTBing... criss crossing back and forth past the steeper ski slopes.
Hopefully I'll find more tracks when I'm up there as well.
I went up to Hakuba this past weekend and did 2 tours with Evergreen Outdoors since I didn't know the area. Got on some pretty good single track I guess (I haven't mtn biked much) and got GPS coordinates if anyone needs them. Hopefully I can get up a few more times this summer to try them out on my own.
Thanks for the replies.

I guess I'll just use me cross country bike and get out and explore. I wonder if I could find any usefull maps.

I'm going to head over to the Gunma(?) area soon for a look around for a weekend. There looks to be a lot over that way.

Perhaps we can organise a ride out if any of us find any trails :)

I'll be taking 2 road bikes and a MTB to Nagano over the summer and anybody up that way who wants to ride let me know.

I'll be in Ueda-shi with a roadbike for about a week in August. Is Hakuba nearby?

Have only been once so far, but the mountains around there are pretty beautiful, and challenging.
Not near or far.... I'll PM you my details soone and we can talk about it. I'm not 100% sure which days I'll be up there... trying to figure out how to go to a wedding as well without making too many trips back and forth from Nagano... going up for the long weekend tis month...
My husband(AlanW) and I are mountain bikers. But we are not currently living in Japan though.
I recommend you some MTB courses around Kanto-area. At there you will be able to meet mountain bikers!

1.Takamine MTB World (Ibaragi)

2.Fujimi Panprama (Nagano)

3.Okumusashi (Saitama)

4.Hinode-yama&Mitake-yama (Tokyo: JR Musashi Itsukaichi station)


No1・2 : Proper(man-made) MTB couses. you can enjoy down hill mostly.
No3: I am sorry, but I could not find details on web. but I hope the photos which I attached help you to imagine what kind of course.
No4: For an expert! almost all are single track. partly narrow, rooty and very hilly. However it is great.
No5: Single and natural. I think there are 4 or 5 courses in all. You can enjoy both of up & down hill. Just mind waklers as many hikers walk around.
wow, thanks for that Naomi. I'll be investigating all of those...

I should be in Japan for the rest of the year so if you're back give me a shout. :cool:
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