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andel cranks?


Maximum Pace
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Jul 26, 2008
It's just bling, and they may even be heavier, and I should probably just make it all easy for everybody and go shimano, but Andel cranks in silver look a whole lot cooler/better than Shimano's XT M771 --(pretty ugly in comparison).

Andel is what Surly is now using on their Long Haul Truckers.

26-48 is what I've been considering, and I guess with Andel I could even go 24 or 22 on the small ring. They toss out options like that freely.

But in spite of a lot of googling, they don't seem to be available in Japan.

Are they, or not?

Suggestions? Other choices?


Maximum Pace
Dec 31, 2009
They look nice. One never knows until you try to shift it, though. Nice that you could use a Phils square taper BB with those.
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