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An Unofficial Tour do Noto...?


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Jul 26, 2008
Hey there tokyo-oids (-ites?),

I'm kind of trying to figure some september riding during the "silver week" holidays (9/19 thru 9/23).

One idea I've had is to reserve a cabin (or two?) at a couple different places on the Noto Peninsula, and to invite a few TCC takers to do an unofficial tour de noto.

Unofficial, in that there'd be no insurance, no officially organized ride what-so-ever, but would still cover the Noto Peninsula, but that would avoid the official tour stopover places (Wajima and Noto-jima). And with an extra day or two it could be done a little slower, or earlier or later, than the official tour.

And tho you'd pay for accommodations, the ¥30,000 fee that you wouldn't be paying for the official tour would pretty much cover that.

There are some reasonably nice 3-4 person cabins in Togi-machi, and some similar ones on up the peninsula in Suzu (well past wajima) that might still be available during that week. On the way back, stopping again at Togi might be an option, tho some others places might also be possible.

The official tour starts/ends just outside Kanazawa, but for folks coming in from other parts, Toyama would be an optional start/end point. From there to Togi is a shorter jag than Kanazawa-Togi.

Crucial points would be that I'd like to cover about the same course as the official tour, but on any given day (overnight) would try to stay away from where their riders were. Also, my initial thought is beach cabins (cycle into town for izakaya/food, and some flexibility on numbers in each cabin) vs. something like a minshuku where reservations/meals would have to be firm.


This is just an initial idea, tossed out here for feedback and to check the waters, so if you have suggestions/comments/questions please let me know. Those would help me either focus a little more, or, if this becomes a can of worms, perhaps abandon the idea... Any comments from someone who may have done something like this before would be especially appreciated.

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