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Amami Oshima 240k race/ride


Oct 15, 2008
I just joined earlier today and I`m still checking out all the great information here, so if this is old news, sumimasen.

I lived in Kyushu for 8 years and one of my favorite places is Amami island in Kagoshima. It`s nearly the size of Okinawa but with only 70,000 people. I`ve just found a brochure for Japan`s Longest One-day Cycling Event, on Amami, December 14, 2008.


The above site seems Japanese-only. There are 3 courses: 50km, 90km and the biggy is 240km, about half of which will be gorgeous coastline and the other half likely rugged jungly mountain. I am in the process of buying/building a new bike and this seems THE perfect event to inaugurate it. Amami is beautiful and extremely laid back, like Okinawa minus the million people and their cars. I`m guessing 15-20 degrees centigrade and sunny....

Is anyone else planning to go? Anyone else interested? Entry deadling is November 28.

Can't this year, but...

...definitely going to add that to my future "must-do" list. Looks like a great event--thanks for the heads-up.
I'd completely forgotten about this thread, but the wife and I had some air miles to use up so we spent a weekend down on this very same island last month... It really does look spectacularly good for cycling. Fabulous coastlines, largely empty roads, and glorious, winding, silent climbs into the jungled mountains. Next time I'm taking the bike. :)
Cool. I am definitely planning to do it this year, or the Ishigaki ride, which is also in December... Actually my partner and I (she`s from Kagoshima) are thinking about buying a besso on Amami - kind of paradise! And supa-cheap.
Yeah, having a besso down there would be grand... We saw all the land-for-sale signs and couldn't decide if it would be really cheap or really expensive. Even more interested in doing that ride now.
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