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Maximum Pace
Sep 24, 2007
Yes it's me again, probably the most prolific TCC poster atm, sorry guys. So as it's my last week of spring vacation coming up and the weather is finally starting to warm up, or at least is predicted to from next week, I'm hoping to go away for a couple of nights and do some hard core training.

I was thinking of staying at Daiyuzan which is at the base of Minami Ashigara, but perhaps would like to go somewhere more exotic.

Does anyone have some good ideas for nice places? Here's what I'm kind of looking for;

1. Good climbing that isn't too high as to be snowed out.

2. Nice area with cheap ryokans or pensions

3. not too far away from Yokohama/Tokyo.

Your advice would be much appreciated. Mike:D


Maximum Pace
Nov 4, 2006

If I were to pick one single place that was central to almost every "TCC-Toge", it would be Uenohara.
You have, starting from directly north and moving clockwise:
1). North - Kobu-Tunnel, and on to Tomin-no-Mori or Kazahari rindo.
2). NE - Wada toge (everyone's favorite).
3). East - Odarumi toge, to Takao, from where you can do Wada toge from the other side.
4). SE - Not much (that I can think of).
5). South - Yabitsu toge - Your stomping ground! Doshi-michi; for a long steady ride up to Yamanaka-ko.
6-7). SW, West - Rte.35; Hinazuru toge, on to Otsuki - O-toge!
8). NW - Rte.30. Matsuhime toge, Tsuru toge; linking round to the west side of Okutama-ko, back up to Tomin-no-mori.

I don't know about accommodation out that way, but there's a sports center down on the flat area by the river bank (east of the station) that has nice hot baths. I think it's about 300 yen to get in.

Other than that, Minami Ashigara could be good - Mikuni toge, 3 days in a row perhaps?:eek:uch:
Here's a link to the only business-hotel in Uenohara: ホテルルートインコート相模湖上野原 - ¥5,350 per night.



Maximum Pace
Sep 24, 2007
Travis, thanks for the info. Very helpful and had me searching for places to stay in Uenohara and came across that place too. With the onsen nearby something to think about.

I did a search on TCC and found that you had ridden in Hakone. Sounded pretty good? What do you think if I stayed in Atami? From there I can access Hakone, Ashigara and Mikuni Toge. Also could go ocean road south I guess. Found a nice place for 7000yen/night, ocean view including breaky with onsen.

BTW, does anyone know if Uenohara eki has lockers?

But the more I think about that place in Uenohara might be the go. There are just so many mountains at your doorstep. Hmmmm. decisions decisions....
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