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Along the Tsurumigawa


Jul 16, 2011
After it finally cooled down I went for the first longer ride today! As I live in Ichigao I have the Tsurumigawa right at my doorsteps. It's a quite nice cycling course and I went up to Nissan Stadium. Then I returned because I still have problem with my patella and didn't want to overdo it on my first ride.
On the way back I made a mistake when changing the gears and my chain went off. But it was very easy to put it on again even without any tools.
In total it was about 22km, which is maybe nothing for you guys but I am a bit older and slowly want to come back in shape again.
Can't wait for my next ride though!!


Speeding Up
Jul 23, 2011

Little by little you can build up the distance.

Havin fun and doin somethin healthy are important.

I've been havin fun hittin the 'gawas over here in Chiba.
Nice to have no cars and signals, just a long road ahead.

Don't worry, we're all not Superman (me included).
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