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May 25, 2009
Does anyone know if Allsports Community were at the Bikenavi King of Endurance race in Shin-Yokohama on Saturday?

Would love to see if there are any prints available of this race. Having problems with my limited Japanese reading skills.
Many, Many thanks Phil! Do you know if they attend the JCRC races as well??
Yes, they are at all the main JCRC races... don't see them at the JCRC keirin though..as there are not that many competitors...
Hmmm can't seem to find the one for August 23rd at Shuzenji :(
Looks like the Bridgestone Grand Prix was more important on that day... I guess they can't cover everything on the busy weekends....
No, they don't do JCRC races:(. They do Nikkan Sports Tour du Japon races, which happen five times a year and are also part of the JCRC series.

Yes, that's right.... the main JCRC races of the year are the Nikkan Sports ones... :D
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