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Maximum Pace
Jan 14, 2007
All Sports provide a great service taking 1000s of pictures at most races all over Japan and you can buy the photos at reasonable prices. ;)

Some unscrupulous people used to right click and save the photos right off the hoempage. Not paying for the service. A bit like downloading music or movies illegally.
Allsports disabled the right click to prevent this. Rightfully so.

Then the smart web savvies figured out that you could also do a screen capture and then edit out the photo of your choice in a photo editing program getting around the copyright. It looks like Allsports have figured out how to disable this as well. ( a little bird told me).

I'm sure a lot of thieves are now trying to figure out a different way to copy the photos from the site illegally.

If any of you know how to get the photos from allsports illegally I think you should let us all know so we can be on the look out for offenders. And report them.


Hey you! You're on REPORT.
I think screen cap is an OS feature - and there is no way All Sports can disable it. Plus, I don't believe that my capturing anything I see on my monitor is illegal (since I already have the pic on my computer or HD), unless I claim my author's rights to the photo or sell it later, which would be pretty much impossible or at least ridiculous, because the samples they offer are not of printable (or "sale") quality - see Fuji race pictures.
I agree with Sergey. You'll still be able to do a screengrab, but the resolution is limited to what is showing on your screen at the time.
e.g. a photo displayed at 800 x 600 = 480,000 pixels or about 0.5 Megapixels, which is pretty rubbish compared to a modern digital camera at 7-16 Megapixels.
Now that's outrageous, fortunately there are no such offenders amidst our ranks... :D

Sergey and Alan are right, there is no way to prevent screen captures. And think of it: since all their images are watermarked, it's free advertising. ;)
Well, they can't disable the PrtSc button, but...

what they CAN do (and are doing) is clear the clipboard of its contents (javascript, IIR*). Therefore, even if you hit PrtSc you cannot paste the image because it is cleared from the clipboard immediately, so the usual screen capture > edit image trick no longer works (on Windows machines, at least). I discovered this when I was looking at Motegi Eco Cycle pics from April.

(This is actually Really Bad Behavior, IMO, because it complete disables copy & paste while the browser is open, even in other applications.)

Presumably, the naughty, naughty people who take the pictures from the site use a screen capture program such as, oh, Quick Screen Capture, which doesn't need the clipboard and gives you up to 30 captures before asking you to pay for it.

I ran a test on the Motegi pics, purely as part of my investigation into how the bad people might take the pictures, and it worked like a charm.


(If they didn't charge such astronomical sums for their images, they might have less problems with this issue. What is it, nearly 4000 yen for a single image file? For a pack of ten, maybe, but for one?)

(* No, disabling javascript doesn't work, because then the images don't show on-screen.)
Yes, Allsports, an organization which is rivaled in its contribution to mankind only by the UNO, NATO and the warsaw pact. Phil is correct, one can not copy and paste in any other program when the allsport website is open on the browser. He is also right that the quick screen capture program should not fall into the hands of bad web elements as it easily possible to get around these well thought restrictions.

Another way that juvenile web deliquents might think of is to simply print out the web page as an pdf file (for example with cute pdf ) and then work with IRFAN view plus ghostscript to crop the image and change the file format from pdf to jpg or others.

Just to point out this potential security leak a tried if this is possible with an Allsport photo from the Hitachi-Naka race last week.

The full story of the race can be read on the Positivo Espresso blog.

I love Allsport photos. I don't know how many joyful hours I have spend in front of my PC to check 14.574 photos taken at major cycle events looking for some glimpse of me on a photo. I even resorted to wear orange jerseys at races in order to find myself faster.

All in all, brwosing Allsports maybe used more working hours of Japanese salarymen then the amount of allhours of all safety meetings in all Japanese companies in 2008 so far.

Please keep up the good work.
I love Allsport photos. I don't know how many joyful hours I have spend in front of my PC to check 14.574 photos taken at major cycle events looking for some glimpse of me on a photo.

As H. Simpson would say, "It's funny 'cause it's true."
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