Akabane Arakawa Newb

May 28, 2012
Hello TCC

I'm from the UK currently living in Akabane and I'm looking for some people to ride with along the Arakawa and anywhere else nearby.

Here's my cycling history:

Loved/obsessed with pro road cycling (and mtb) from around 1993 to 2003.
Fell out of love with the sport for various reasons. Got back into it after watching Evans win the tour last year. Have raced a few times.
In April I bought a Cannondale from Grove in Kamakura (highly recommend them). I have been riding along the Arakawa trying to get fit again (and have been surprised by the amount of roadies!). My limit at the moment is about 80km/50 miles at around 30kph/18mph. I'm usually free all day Sunday and Monday. It would be great to ride with some other people.


Sep 2, 2009
Hey mate

I am up near Omiya and always ride on the Arakawa down near you.

Send me a message and I will happily come to ride with you / get you out on a group ride.

Also, Pete (Yamabushi) does a lot of rides that you could jump onto, that start somewhere down near you and head north, then west into Saitama

Nice one!

Edit; turns out I am free on Monday too, so if you are free then we could meet up... (weather permitting!)