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Sep 1, 2007
Last minute suggestion, but as this is an off-week of the KT* training series, I was wondering if anyone wants to join me for a flat but fast run around Narita airport and along the Chiba coast?

For example:

Basically start from either Keisei Usui 京成臼井駅 or JR Sakura 佐倉 stations, up the Ibanuma bike path to the Tone River, along the Tone bike path to Sawara or further (Choshi?), down to the coast, south along the beaches, and eventually back up to Sakura.

It's mostly flat, flat, flat except for some bumpy bits crossing the hills north and south of the airport.

This is going to part of my training prep for races/TTs next month, so generally fast pace runs with slower tempo periods in between for recovery and regrouping if needed... In Andrew Deane's words, an opportunity to "hammer down relentlesly and fearlessly"...

Saturday or Sunday, doesn't matter to me (Sunday promises slightly better weather). Time is flexible, but earlier the better...

Anyone interested?
Hi Phil . . .

I would jump at the opportunity to ride with you - however, Chiba is such a long, long, long way from Tokyo :(

Don't I know it. :( By car it's only 10 minutes drive from the Sakura exit on the way to the airport, but getting out that far takes a while.

Anyways, still hoping to unearth some more east-siders for the company :beer2:. BEEYOOTI-ful weather today. Spring cometh!:happy:

is perfect, I am up for this and I am generally a little quicker on the flat stuff, but best downhill of course where mass really counts, until terminal velocity is reached, which I have not achieved so far :p

So count me in and where and when should we meet please ?


Great Charles, Sunday it shall be.

Hm, Keisei Usui or JR Sakura seem equally distant for you; either are fine for me...

Maybe JR Sakura? You come out the same as for Honda, but change to the Sobu Honsen or Narita lines at Chiba. If you want to pay for a tokkyu ticket, the Tokkyu Shiosai train from Kinshicho at 7:45 will take you straight out to Sakura, no norikae required.

How about JR Sakura (佐倉) South Exit. 8:30-8:45 AM, roll out at 9 AM?

Let me know if you think another station/time works better for you... I'm completely flexible.

Looking forward to it!
Looks great !

I will see you there and will now PM my keitai number to you.

Thanks for organising...

See you tomorrow Charles. Weather is looking good!
Terrific day out

in Chiba with Phil who knows this place like the back of his hand. Hand picked backwater roads with traffic avoidance the unwavering goal. Highly recommended !

Weather was about perfect, no wind to speak of. Only marred by a interminable wait in a family restaurant for a Joyful Caesar Salad and a spag carbonara. Should have had the titanium version instead.:D

Plhil - many thanks and this is truly a different kind of day from the mountains for sure.
Here it is for future reference.

My stats were :

Time 6hours 27 mins
Distance 168.7km
Climb 463m - remarkably !
Avg Speed 26.1km
Max Speed 56km

Great workout too with me spending 69% of my time in Zones 2,3 or 4. So a good fatburner this one !!

Thanks again Phil , see you next time,

Phew, good workout...

Many thanks Charles for coming all the way out to join me on this one. The company was very much appreciated!

This was one of the harder rides I've done, despite the general lack of hills and the mostly innocuous wind (although the crosswinds on the Tone sometimes turned up the pressure.) I think it was Charles telling me we'd spent over 6000 calories, but when I turned round to make the short trip back home, I was suddenly completely knackered. Had to have a cup of cocoa from the machine to keep me going.

It was a ride largely without incident, so not a lot to report. We both arrived at the station almost simultaneously around 8:30, and were off well before 9. We took it easy up the first 25k to the Tone River, where we upped the pace, taking turns to hide behind each other from the northern crosswind. It was pretty much non-stop to Sawara (approx 60k), at which point we decided to push on downriver to just short of Choshi, cut across the escarpment, and head south from Asahi. It's a route I've done once or twice before, and would give us an imperial century for the day.

We stopped for a less-than-Joy Full lunch a few ks down the river, and then we had a very fast afternoon making up for lost time in the restaurant, interrupted only by one brief detour where I got lost and two stops over the last 80 ks. We rolled back into the station at exactly 5pm.

A great day of riding... Charles, many thanks again for the company, hope the train journey home wasn't too arduous. Looking forward to the next one, this time on the west side!

My computer stats (includes the trip from house to station)

Dist: 192.54k
Ave: 25.6
Time on bike: 7h30m
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