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Mar 22, 2007
Hi there,

I haven't posted on here for a while. I was outside the country for most of last year!

I was just wondering what to do about my bike.

I have a Trek 1000, 04 model, that is pretty tired. I was hit by a car the other day and now have a buckled rear wheel and broken shifter. Along with this the gearing is clunky, cables need tightening often, the crank clunks, pedal is broken and I need new tyres.

It has served me well! I rode it everyday and it's been to France twice! So I like it a lot, but…

Should I replace it or fix it? I would buy something of similar quality/value because im not that keen of a rider, and cash is always a democratiser! If I fixed it I could get some better quality gear, but would it be worth it?

Any advice welcomed!

First, I hope you are OK. If insurance will replace your bike, that would be my first choice.

Apart from that, I'd have frame looked at by a bike store or two. No sense fixing if there's structural problems. For me, the the cost of replacing a wheel and shifter can run up a nice tab. I'd use to buy a used bike or a new steed on sale.
Have Spare Rear Wheel


Sorry to hear about your accident. Ditto Trad: Hope you are okay.

I may be able to help you with the rear wheel. I run an '06 Trek 1500, which came with Bontrager Select wheels. Three months back, I plowed into a mama-chari head-on, and buckled the front wheel. The rear wheel is in perfect condition, and will accept 8/9/10-speed cassette. I took the opportunity to upgrade my wheel set to Shimano 105s, so the Bontrager rear wheel is on the market. I have no idea what it's worth, but check the Internet for the price of a new one one and make me an offer if you're interested. It even comes with the original Bontrager tire (1500 k old) and quick release skewer, but you'll have to use the cassette of your old wheel.

But, I agree with Trad. Have the frame checked first. No sense in refurbishing a trashed frame, and everything I read after my accident said alluminum has a low yield, and cracks may not appear on the paint surface despite underlying fatigue fractures.


thanks for the comments guys.

Yeah, im ok. I was t boned when i was 100% in the right. I saw the guy coming and almost got out of his way, he collected my rear end. i managed to keep it up, but rode it into the railing nearby. No personal injuries. the guy drove off.

ill check out the frame before going any further. That rear bontrager wont fit an old 1000 i dont think, but thanks for the offer Andrew.

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