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advice on rides in the Yokohama area


Jan 19, 2010
I'll be visiting family in the Yokohama area (near Azamino station) in late March / early April and am planning to bring a bike to avoid losing two weeks of training time. I'm looking for some advice on good/safe routes. By good, I generally mean not too hilly, as I'm not a hill climber. However, I'm more worried about safety as I've not ridden in Japan before.

While I prefer velodromes, unless there is a guarantee of good weather or an indoor track that allows for drop in riders, my plan is to bring a road bike so I'm not impacted be weather.

I'll have access to a car to get around if there are routes with less traffic within a reasonable drive.

Any advice/suggestions would be appreciated.

Get in the car and head down to the lakes around Mt. Fuji.
Take some photos...

Lake Saiko is pretty quiet and quite flat.

Lots of quiet country roads to get lost in.
Hi Ed,
My place is some 10 mile South West of Azamino along the Tsurumi River.
River banks of Tsurumi River and its tributary, Onda River were maintained as a cycling road.

About 10 mile North East from Azamino, there is Tama River. (boundary between Tokyo and Kanagawa) Tama River cycling road is wider, more popular and crowded than Tsurumi River cycling road.

Also, about 10 mile North of Azamino, there lies Onekansen ( Ridge Trunk Line ) whichi is a bit hilly but very good for training.

Some of these route maps and photos, you can see on my blog on
there's a river with a bike path that connects Fujisawa and Machida that you won't be too far from. It's on Momonger's blog and pretty much parallels the Odakyu line. It's about 20km end to end and might continue up past Machida too.
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