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Advice on cycling around Tokyo during winter


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Sep 8, 2008
I'm off to work at the University of Tokyo in a few months (Nov-Feb) and I'd like some advice on what group rides are on during that time... I guess it'll be getting reasonably chilly that time of year, so perhaps not so much is on?
I've been to Japan a couple of times before, but I've been working further out of town and that was during summer, so taking my bike was definitely a good thing. I'm a little concerned that at the University of Tokyo (Hongo campus) I won't be able to get out and about so easily because of the traffic..?
Given the weather and location, is it worth bringing my bike over?
Traffic won't be a problem. The only time you won't want to ride that time of year is when it is raining or snowing or there is ice on the roads. Otherwise it's just a matter of keeping warm. Arm/leg warmers, head warmers, ear warmers, neck warmers, and other suitable winter cycling wear. Wind breaker in your back pocket...etc... Our club trains all year and we only stop for bad weather...
Hi, clay!

I've asked pretty much the same question last year, and after spending one winter in Tokyo, I can say that it was quite mild and you can ride all you want within and around Tokyo (except mountains, where there is ice and too much snow on the roads).
It's especially invigorating to ride early in the morning :) Try it - you'll like it :D

As for traffic... well, you have to live with it in Tokyo. 20 minutes of swerving between cars - and you're on Arakawa cycling road :bike:
Thanks a lot for that. Ok, sounds like it's a goer! I'll be there from the end of October, and I'll be keen to head along for some morning training rides, so I shall keep an eye on the forums.

Thanks again,
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