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Help Advice need for making a training rear wheel


Sep 2, 2009
Just spent some days to upgrade my old 9 speeds to 11 speeds and am happy with that :) My old Prince SL now really going back to Italian style.

However the problem is about indoor training. I still need to spend quite a time on trainer and previously I have 2 rear wheel that have 9 speeds cassette so I can easily change a old wheel for trainer, and now become 11 speeds I really DON'T want to buy one more 11sp cassette just for my trainer.

Any suggestion that help me to save money for my trainer? I really don't want to destroy my rear wheel tyre so fast because of trainer. And I am willing to use the same gear on my trainer, I don't need to shift during trainer training.


Speeding Up
Nov 1, 2009

I don't like using my good bike at all on the indoor trainer because I sweat so much and it drips down onto the bike no matter what steps I take to aviod it. I know you are looking to cut costs, but have you thought about a cheap fixed gear or single speed frame to use as your trainer bike? One can be had these days for the price of a record cassette. Another option would be an old used bike, since you are not traveling distance, it could weigh a ton and you will never know it. You don't need brakes, shifters, cables or any of that stuff so costs will go down.

Buy an orange training tyre and it will last a while. Use your old wheels and get some old gear off ebay. Best option I can think of.
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