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New helmet day. Story about this new helmet let it happen is that I went to America a couple weeks ago and coming back I left my helmet in the upper bracket above the seat. By the time I realized it it was too late to go back so I just gave it up. But the negative turned into a positive because I just brought a new helmet which was really an upgrade and I'm in really an upgrade and I'll show a picture of it. I'm going to be leaving for Thailand to go cycling with the end of this month and July so a nice new helmet that came in just in time. I'll be posting my adventures of cycling in Thailand real soon and I know it's going to be a hot very very hot in Thailand. I'll be in Bangkok and then after that I'll see what goes on. There's a picture of my new helmet really a nice helmet too and then I had to buy the back light that attached to the helmet and unfortunately not unfortunately but you pay for what you get and it's really a fine helmet.

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Safe travels, be careful for heat as those models of Lazer seem to run a bit hot in my experience.

Have a great time mate.
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