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May 16, 2019
This should complete what pictures I have for 2011. I don't know what happened to all the other pictures, but if I find them, I'll update with another post.

Back in September of 2011 the farmers here knew me with my pet "Rocky". We would walk for hours around the countryside. Sadly I lost Rocky some years ago. The farmers were friendly here at this location back then. Enjoyed the rice balls with them and drinks. This is what I think many foreigners who come to Japan and cycle want to experience. The real daily life of the farmer. There are always smiles to greet you. Usually, that is. But times are changing and in 10 years that have gone by, seems a new "struggle" of smiles are hard to come by when seeing foreigners.

rocky with farmers.JPG

I watched them build that one story house. The young children now are telling their aging parents to tear down the old homes here and build single story. ( at least in this area ) The road I'm taking here also has some kind of graveyard for the old Buddha Priest. Must be over ... heck I don't know, but the monuments are somewhat historical. I know I took some pictures of them... but who knows where I have them.
rice with house.JPG

In the year 2020 the owner of this land removed the vending machines. And the old house was taken down a year later. When I first moved into this area, there were few cars on the road and the high school students would stop by before and after school to buy buns at the little liquor store. The lady there is still my friend today. She is 84 now and a bit frail, but still works till 7 pm. The store no longer caters to students, 7-11 down the street killed the business years ago.
Well, I'm afraid these are the only pictures of the year 2011 that I can find. Stay tune for the next year of " who knows what I've taken ".
vending machines.JPG

adventurous cyclist

turtle speed cyclist
May 16, 2019
Well, I think I had a good ride or I should say some good rides, some touring and camping and met up with some camping friends this year of 2022. I met some really wonderful people in the prefectures I cycled through. By the way, I did do some train and shinkansen hopping along my adventures.
I wish everyone a Happy New Year and a safe cycling adventure for you all.
I'll close the year by posting a few more very recent photos. Mostly of Yamaguchi city.

My t-shirt for 2022. Thanks to https://tokyocycle.com/threads/qual...service-from-aussie-in-japan.9058/post-134199
tan t shirt  b.JPG

A time to enjoy the life of Japan

This was provided by the Spanish government here in Yamaguchi city.

This is located behind the clock.

Our little waterway throughout the city of Yamaguchi.

Something nice to remember the Spanish visit by.

Some pictures of the visiting group.
IMG_20221228_160204 (1).jpg

This restaurant has got to be pretty old. Looks like the menu of waxed display is that old too. The prices here are pretty expensive. Yamachi city.

It is very rare that I eat at a restaurant, but I couldn't pass up these fries to stay out of the cold the other night. Only 250 yen. But next time I'll ask for more ketchup. Better then McDonalds and real fresh tasting also
I'll continue with a few more pictures .

adventurous cyclist

turtle speed cyclist
May 16, 2019
Some more pictures of Yamaguchi and maybe other areas of Japan.

This country road follows a river that cuts through Yamaguchi city ( I think ) . I only went so far on it. Does look like it heads up the mountains though. The new year, this I will travel more to see where it leads too. Nice countryside that is only minutes out of the city.

Same location. I was on a bridge taking this picture. I got to look on a map and see the name of this river. About 4 miles up the river I go and bring some Elbow マカロニ to feed the fish. They come up right up to the shore to feed. I took some pictures of them. I'll see if I can find them.

IMG_20221107_162125 (1).jpg

Maybe I posted this already. But the road goes up to Akiyoshidai. It's famous for the caves and "winding road". The winding road is popular training for cyclist throughout Japan.


Our city park here in Yamaguchi. Sunset time.

Well, if I posted this already... these trees are located at a Shrine. Large parking lot so it does see a lot of visitors.


adventurous cyclist

turtle speed cyclist
May 16, 2019
More pictures.

Another map. Forgot where I took this picture at.

IMG_20221123_134123 (1).jpg

A Sunday afternoon relaxing near the stream. A rice ball, chips and a cold drink.

It's fall time now. Still great weather for cycling.


I like to stop at the import store. I am surprised at the price, but ... that's life in Japan.

A family with smiles out joy riding on a Sunday afternoon. I guess he bought that in Thailand.

Stay and ride safe everyone.

My next adventures, well... depends I guess, but I would like to cycle Miyakojima, Okinawa or get to Hokkaido in 2023.
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