Across Japan 2017


Maximum Pace
Aug 12, 2014
@andywood Thanks again for the tips.

I would definitely like to ride to your place, as then the beer tastes so much better! Need to earn them.

If I could borrow your legs, I think that Kashiwazaki to Sakata plan sounds great!

After a day like that, I could utilize some of the local trains from Sakata to perhaps all the way to Akita, or even further and try to ride all the way to Aomori the next day

I don't want to stress too much about the train schedules. Low budget local trains are fine.



Maximum Pace
Apr 8, 2008
I think you'll have earned your beers anyway.

Looks like you'll be arriving here on the 27th? Ride up on the 28th? I know you'll need to be flexible. But just to get an idea...

Big rides like that are what I'm after at the end of March so it will be good for me.

The weather is a big thing to consider. An hourly forecast site is best as the weather changes quickly on the Japan Sea coast. Keep an eye on the winds too. If you are doing split days with the train, the weather will help you to decide which part of the day to to ride.