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Dec 17, 2008
Hi guys, I'm new comer in that forum. I'm a disabled cyclist who come every year in Japan. I'm in national team since 10 years,made two time Paralympics, finished 3rd in last world championship (road race). I have UCI licence too and I make races with people without disabled. In my next travel, I will like to join races. When is the good period for road races around Tokyo?
Welcome to TCC. Congrats on those fantastic results and achievements!

In general, most of the races are clustered around spring (April, May) and fall (Oct-Dec), with quiet spells in August and over the winter. There are very few road races, but a decent number of short criteriums, "enduro" events on auto-racing circuits, and hill climb time trials.

JCRC are the main "official" governing body for amateur racing:

There are other events/races organized independently. I've done a fair few run by R&I, an events company, including a road-circuit race coming up in January:

Note, however, that this is information from a low-ranked racing duffer. :) Edogawakikkoman and sebici and others on this board probably have better info about the more serious/higher-level races that you'd be interested in.
Thanks for the informations!! I will try to join races for 2009! Last august I made the walk to th etop of Mt Fuji and people told me there is a road race which finish at the station 5. It must be cool and dificult too! Anyway, I will be happy to try races in Japan!!!There was never a big disabled championhip there so I will try normal races^^
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