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Abiko<->Noda (chiba) ?


Dec 15, 2007
Hi all,
I was wondering if you happen to know if there is decent route between Abiko city and Noda that i can safely ride on ?
I need to get to Atago train station from Abiko almost every day and I was considering doing it by bicycles, but because i am a tourist here i dont know any tracks etc.

As i am new to this website (and japan :) ) i hope this is the right place to ask this question.

Thanks :)
Thanks for the quick reply !

Found the maps, but because I have no "feeling" of the area (I did this route few times with the train), could you please estimate how long is it?

Is this route dangerous (riding on car roads) ? is it very difficult ?

Thanks again
Because the Tonegawa cycletrack becomes a bikeway, it is safe.
The Tonegawa cycletrack is used and from Abiko Station to Noda Station is about
I ride that route a lot.
Once you get on the Tone Unga path it is very easy.
THe only dangerous road is the part just before the cycling path near where the road approaches Tone river.

The secret to an easy ride:
Once you pass a High School (baseball ground) on the left side of the path on the cycling path cross; over the little walkway bridge to the other side to avoid gravel. Then it's all straight.

The Tone Unga pathway is a 10 minute sprint from my home along Edo river. (follow the soy sauce smell).
Thanks guys you just made my day happier :)

I came to japan to train in martial arts and i will live in Abiko and my dojo is in Noda (near Atago station ). I really like bicycles and i cycle a lot at home (israel) so this is a great opportunity for me to ride.

Do you know of a place to buy or rent a good pair of bicycles? what are the prices for a nice pair that will fit this track ?

I know your 'famous' dojo. So many gaijin go there every weekend.
You'll want a good bike. A shopping bicycle will drain you of all your dojoing energy.
I know there is a good bike shop in Abiko on route 6 (major intersection North of the Denny's intersection).
Or go to my favorte shop in Shin Matsudo. SEO.
Or get a 2nd hand good bike on yahoo auctions Japan.
Click on the classifieds button here and ask for a 2nd hand bike....
Edogawakikkoman:is that bike shop still open?

I think you're referring to 3Rensho.
I used to go there a lot,but it downsized big time about 4 years ago.In fact,I don't think they even service bikes now.
Small world.
I work with r-o-e-e's room mate and have just given him a map with the route high lighted..... to pass on to you, r-o-e-e.... Get him to show you where to cross the path near the high school.
Stay on the left hand side of the canal till you get to the high school...then the right hand side all the way to Edo river. Good luck....you may get lost the first time... so give yourself lots of time. Should be about 20-22kms.
Thanks everyone

Tomorrow i am going to take the day off and walk/cycle (if i can find decent bicycles) the route.

Thanks for everybody's help
track is great

so I spent like 5 hours yserterday walking from noda (atago) to Abiko.
Was great, now i want to do it with bicycles :)

So I want to go to that SEO shop in Shin Matsudo. So how exactly do I get to the shop after i got to the train station ?
How do I transfer my bicycles to back to abiko ? I understand that taking it in the train is not allowed.

Is it possible to find a nice pair for ~200$ ?

Any idea about how to ship them Internationally later ? I may want to take'em back with me to Israel when I will leave... I wonder how much will it cost (i dont mind if it will take few months ).

For $200 you won't get anything worth taking home.
Just get one good one rather than 2 crap ones and ride it home. You won't need to put it on the train. Bike bag for the train may set you back another 3000 to 4000 yen.
Seo Shin Matsudo is about a ten minute walk from the station down the main road to Daiei department store. When you get to the 2nd large intersection there will be a Mitsubishi Bank on your right. Turn right at that bank and walk about 80m. The shop is there.



There may be some nice cross bikes there for 40,000 yen or so.
If I will know in advance that i can take it back to Israel i am willing to pay 1500$, but since i am not sure at all shipping back to israel is possible (i mean everything is possible, maybe cost effective is a better word :) ) i guess i am willing to put less money for it...
Thanks :)
Get a bike for $4500 and ride it back to Israel.
Sending a bike by plane or ship will cost you around 20 to 30.000 yen.
some good news and questions

Ok the good news are :
Noda has a nice bicycle shop
I can send the bicycles quite cheaply using the post mail, as long as the size of the box is smaller than 1.5 meters is the big part and the if the dimensions are marked a,b,c then a+(b+c)*2 < 3 meters.

The bad news were that after stopping at the shop in noda I went to ShinMatsudo and after a painful walk (i have two blisters from the noda to abiko walk :) ) the shop was closed yesterday.

Any way I want to go there today and probably buy good bicycles.
I have a budget of up to ~700$ (and i can make it 1000$ if there is a special one that i really want :) ).

The question is what kind ? I have my hardtail mtb at home so i guess i rather buy something else, so its either cross or road bicycles.
I guess this specific route can do with both of them.
Any recommendations ?

Another question is, if I buy the bag, put the bicycles in it, but take the box with me (so i can later send it in the mail because they do not supply the box) will the guys at JR will do my problems?

Thanks so much for everything
case closed :)

I bought GaryFisher Zebrano (06) plus loads of equipment (bags, speedometer, lights etc).

The route is 27 km, takes about 1:15 hours (the way back is longer because everything hurts from the Ninjutusu :) ).

Very happy with both the bicycles and the route.
Couldn't do it without you Thanks!


p.s the guys at SEO were very nice thanks for the recommendation
Like this one?


Glad you found something suitable.... My 1st MTB was a Gary Fischer...

There is another route you could try as well.... instead of going along the canal find your way back to Tone river. (about 5kms on the road).... (There is a golf course) The cycling path starts at the golf course and leads up to a large steel bridge. Turning left at the bridge and following that road also leads directly to Atago station. See if you can figure it out from the map I gave you.
ok i had it

Hey, some more help needed :(

unfortunately from day one after i bought the bicycles i have a funny noise coming from the pedals that sounds like "cchchk" exactly every one cycle when the pedals are horizontally balanced.
I tried all posibble gears combination and the sound is there. tried moving the pedals the backwards and there is no sound....
i dont know what to think about that but it get me really disappointed because Gary fisher is a good brand and it is totaly new.
I am trying to ignore it but 1:20:00 of "kcchck" every cycle gets me nuts :eek:uch:

So unless any one can think of a reason (and possible solution) i guess i have to take my bicycles to the SEO shop. However the last time (the time i brought it from there ) i swore i am not going to take my bicycles on the train again (it was horrible carrying it around the place). so i guess i will cycle to shin matsudo. Looked in google earth and one possible (but very long ) route is to continue along the river to the opposite side of noda until i get to shin matsudo.
Any other possibilities ?

Thanks in advance
The river route is safer but you could ride down route 6 to near Shin Matsudo but the roads are tricky from route 6 to Shin Matsudo.

Does the bike only do it when you pedal? Can you put the bike upside down and spin the pedals with your hands and get the same noise?

Could be anything. Bad bottom bracket. Chain link. Gears not lined up properly.
Your leg or foot hitting... the pedal may have come loose a bit...even a little oil may make the noise go away...

The guys at the shop will fix it...how you get there is something you will have to work on.
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