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A very big thank you and good bye


Speeding Up
Dec 23, 2008
Hello All,

I am about to leave Japan at the end of my work assignment and just wanted to say thank you to you all for the past 15 months of superb riding and your company, patience and good humour. It will all be sorely missed. During this time TCC has provided me with some fantastic memories to take back to Europe.

I was only meant to be here for 3 months, thankfully managed to string it out for 15 months (don't tell my boss!), but alas all good things come to an end.

I'll be looking at the forums when i am back in Scandinavia, dreaming of the big climbs to the west of Tokyo, rindos, the rolling hills of Chiba and no doubt wishing i was back here.

Please look me up if you end up in Oslo this summer, or the UK thereafter.

I wish you all the very best.

Cheers for now

I wish there would have been time for a last ride together! You'll be thoroughly missed, as we "Eastenders" lose one of us. Good luck in all your ventures.
Good luck in Norway and back in the UK! Ditto to everything Thomas said, and many thanks for the great company on all the Boso rides--glad we managed to get one more in last month before you left.

May your boss' sofa be as comfy in Europe as it was here... :)
It has been a pleasure to ride with you over the last few months. You certainly became a real "TCC regular" over the course of your time here and joined in some real epics!
All the best in Norway / UK and be sure to let us know if you visit Japan in future. I'm sure we can dig out a spare bike for you!



I and Alan will miss you soon, as when we participate the TCC tour/ride, you are always there:bike::bike::bike:Do you remember when I met you first time? That was perhaps in Miura peninsula. You were a bit slower than me, and I said "Ganbatte" to cheer you up.
However, You are now suuuuuuuuuper first rider:eek::eek::eek:
I will train more to be able to catch up you by next time to ride with in somewhere, maybe in the UK;)

PS: I just came back from England safely. NO accidents this time:)

Do you remember when I met you first time? That was perhaps in Miura peninsula.

I believe our first joint encounter was on the TCC New Year's ride in 2009. David stood out from the crowd with his rucksack.

One year later, on the PE-TCC Hakone Ekiden ride, he had it again, and impressively he was the only one (other than myself) from my group that started in Otemachi that made it all the way to Moto-Hakone ahead of the runners.

Good luck with your next cycling adventures!

Cheers, Ludwig
It was a pleasure to meet you and ride together Dave:D All the best mate.
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