A ride and a reconnoiter



Speeding Up
Jul 23, 2011
Chiba City
Saturday it was a lot cooler.
Since it looked like the rain wasn't gonna come till later in the day (it didn't come till night actually, and then it only sprinkled) I decided to get up at 7AM and leave around 8.

Since it was Sat and I knew I couldn't do Hanamigawa on my Gios I took out the MTB.
Did Hanamigawa (a little wet but good cause the dirt stayed packed) and went to Minami Funabashi Station.

While there I decided I might as well figure out how to get to the Edogawa Cycling Road from Minami Funabashi Station (this station has lockers so I want to go from here next time, I could go from home but that would take too long and could be too far).

On the way I used the street (Highway 14). Not good- narrow (even the sidewalks) and crowded.
Eventually got there (Futamata Shinmachi Station).

Well some things are better done backwards.
After refinding and refining the trail from the station to the Edogawa Cycling Road I started back to Minami Funabashi. I found a better way- the sidewalk of the road under the expressway (the one more near Keiyo Line and the coast).

Hope to challenge (and finish!) Edogawa next Monday. I have things to do later in the day and work will start again the next day (Tuesday). I know it's gonna tire me out but it'll be the last ride of my vacation and I'll be busy the next weekend so I won't be able to ride.

I think this ride was a new record (distance) for my GT:
72.07 km, 19.7 kph Av, and 3:38:34 ridin time

My Uniqlo undies (seamless and supposed to keep dry) came, will take them for a test drive on my next ride. Haven't opened the box yet, I'll look tomorrow.