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A recommendation for RoadID


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Nov 23, 2006
With the kind permission of the webmaster !

I am using a Road ID these days. It is a really neat velcro ID strap for your wrist.

I ordered a couple of weeks ago and it arrived promptly a few days later. I showed it around on the Boso ride yesterday and thought I would post an entry.


It cost me $19.99 plus $2.49 p&p.

I have three "tell a friend" coupons for a $1 discount if anyone is interested. This is a great idea and something that we should all probably think about having.

Not a bad idea...always a good idea to have a photo copy of your health insurance in your spare parts bag or wallet as well.
Getting care in a far away hospital and not being able to prove you're covered could cause a financial hassle.
Is it possible to get a localised (in Japanese) version of the wrist band? Same question about the web personal profile.

I just worry that the language barrier might result in emergency services / helpful bystanders not being able to access the info.
Good idea

snoogly.....I might write to them and ask if this is possible.

Any update on what you've heard? I starting looking at them but didn't know how effective they would be in Japan. I have an email into the owner and waiting to hear back.
It's a good idea, but I always carry my Gaijin card with me. I rather not try to explain to a Japanese why I don't have any ID on myself. I always have an handlebar bag, so I just drop my wallet in it.
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