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Good they are finally open. I wanted to go to their old shops the other day - advertised as open on their website, but when I got there, neither was open. One had a note sending me (or rather my taxi driver) to a completely meaningless place, the other one said nothing, but peaking through the side window, I realised the shop was already empty. So these guys took a couple of weeks moving everything to the new shop and not bothering to tell their potential customers in an appropriate way. A reason for me to seek them out only when I really need to. I expect my LBS to be a bit more thoughtful.
Re: Nalsima Frend (sic) moved

Yep , new shop looks like this:


Everything on one floor, in one store now. I went on Friday, the first day they opened, to order some stuff. It's kind of a free-for-all getting to the till. Ho-hum - we Brits like queueing.

It's kitty corner with the Specialised store. There's a stair with a bike ramp just behind that black pillar on the left of my photo, leading to a bicycle parking courtyard. The building has car parking inside/underneath, but I'm not sure if that's free and/or available for customers. Nowhere obvious to park a motorbike (hence my BMW lurking there in the gutter).
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