A lid that fits!!

This will be boring for anyone that has never had trouble finding a helmet that fits due to having a large head.

I have never had a helmet that actually fit my head comfortably. When I rode motorcycles, I had an XXXL shipped over from the US and it was still tight. Most people can’t believe from looking at me that I have this issue, but it is mainly because my head is long (not round like a coconut, but contents are probably similar). My last helmet was a Bell Gage, and while somewhat comfortable, it always left some kind of red spot on my forehead. If I wore a hat underneath ( the absolute thinnest thing I could find) and went on a long ride, I’d have a line across my forehead for the rest of the day.

Today I noticed that the plastic part of the harness on my Bell had broken. I stopped at a place called L-Breath in Ochanomizu, I had been there in the past and tried several models, but no luck. It started the same today, and the really helpful young guy there handed me about the fifth option, and I had a feeling I have literally never had before: a helmet that felt too loose, and that I had to tighten!! My head sits all the way in it, and it doesn’t look like a mushroom! German made and on sale for under ¥7000!

If you’re still reading, I assume you’ll be heading to L-Breath tomorrow. Two colors: black and white.


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Maximum Pace
Feb 13, 2008
Awesome story.
I also have problems finding headwear to fit me.
It is so frustrating.
Well done on finding that helmet and you also got the double bonus of it looking good and being inexpensive as well.