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A Brit studying in Tokyo...


Sep 5, 2008
Hey guys!

I'm Naz, originally from Sheffield, England but living in Tokyo for the next 12 months studying Japanese. I'm looking for a good place to buy a road bike within the 100,000Y - 110,000Y range.

Being a rock/mountain climber I've always enjoyed cycling as a way of keeping fit but never actually owned a road bike back in England due to how much of a nightmare (and health hazard) it was riding on the road. Since I've been in Tokyo I've done a few leisure trips including the Yamanote Line and Tokyo to Yokohama and back (albeit on 'Granny' bikes) and I've really enjoyed how easy it is to cycle on the road over here. I really want to get a serious bike and start some longer journeys, see the city and generally stay in shape.

I've had a look at a few cycle shops online but my Japanese is very limited so I couldn't make much out of them, could someone suggest a good place to buy a fairly decent bike up to 110,000? I'm not really too chuffed whether its brand new or used as long as it's reliable, light and comfortable.

Cheers, Naz.
Alright Naz,

I'm from Lincoln originally - used to go to Sheffield a lot to visit my sister when she was there.

Anyway, got my first bike from rakuten - unfortunately it's all in Japanese, but this is a search within your price range:


For shops, there's quite a few to choose from.

The Y's road is a chain of stores throughout Tokyo. One is in Shinjuku (but i don't like this branch much as I think the staff are rude - nonetheless it's probably one of the better shops for bikes in that price range ). Better one's are in Ikebukuro (mostly frames though), another near Akasaka Mitsuke (a lot of cannondale and some other european brands).


Another I know of is Nalsima. They're near Harajuku (have only seen frames here, but have only ever been a couple of times... but i like the staff at this place).


Unfortunately both these websites are in Japanese - one of the chaps at Nalsima spoke to me in English once.

The basement of L-Breath at the south exit of shinjuku (kind of opposite uniqlo) also has a small range of bikes.

There's a good listing of shops on the half-fast cycling group page:


Hope you can find something nice.


I see you're in Inage... I'm further out toward the airport, not so far away.

I can recommend the Seo Cycle in Soga (蘇我), it's just a few stops on the train from you. The manager speaks excellent English (lived in the States for a couple of years), and they have a good selection of brands, many at the cheaper end of the scale.


It's in a big mall down by the docks:


Let me know if you want better directions...
Thanks for the suggestions guys, much appreciated.

I decided to head down to SEO Cycle in Soga as you suggest Phil since it's pretty close. The manager wasn't there but the guys at the shop were really helpful and we managed to convey everything in broken Japanese, broken English or a mix of both :)

I picked up a Trek 1.2 DE for 95,000 and rode it home (albeit getting lost a bit and doing a few extra miles) and it felt great! Going to ride to Tokyo tomorrow and pick up some extras: a cycle speedometer thingy, light, bottle holder and maybe a new saddle.

When I get a little more used to riding, hopefully you'll see me at a few tours :D

Thanks again, Naz.
Congrats on the new bike. Let me know if you want to hook up for rides out to the east or south--lots of choices out here, including the Tone River, the Kujukuri coast, and the Boso peninsula.
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