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A big debate....

Love this bit...

"Speakers for the motion

Baroness Sharples
Born in 1923..."

Where's the Red Baron when ya need 'im!

I should say that the Society for Creative Anachronisms would have something to say about this gem of a debate!

Bloody hell! I'm with Phil on the fantastic line-up of crackerjack speakers! All totally serious, no doubt. All toting a plethora of personal baggage. "Back in 1969, when plus-fours were in fashion, rockstars cut their damned hair, and the roads were safe to travel..."

If only Bicycle Repairman were alive! (see Monty Python skit if foggy-headed)

Almost worth a flight and one of their "limited seats"...:D

BTW, what's wrong with Marmite?
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