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A big debate....


Maximum Pace
Sep 1, 2007
Love this bit...

"Speakers for the motion

Baroness Sharples
Born in 1923..."


Andrew Deane

Speeding Up
Aug 17, 2007
Where's the Red Baron when ya need 'im!

I should say that the Society for Creative Anachronisms would have something to say about this gem of a debate!

Bloody hell! I'm with Phil on the fantastic line-up of crackerjack speakers! All totally serious, no doubt. All toting a plethora of personal baggage. "Back in 1969, when plus-fours were in fashion, rockstars cut their damned hair, and the roads were safe to travel..."

If only Bicycle Repairman were alive! (see Monty Python skit if foggy-headed)

Almost worth a flight and one of their "limited seats"...:D

BTW, what's wrong with Marmite?
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