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Sold! 980g KOM slaying Tune based wheelset


Maximum Pace
May 29, 2012
Okay, it's wheeler dealer time. I have two amazing wheelsets up for grabs:

The KOM Slayer Weight Weenie
A measly 980grams for the set makes this the ultimate climbing wheel (for the money).
Build by the legendary @TCC
Tune Mag170 Rear hub
Tune Mig70 Front hub
Farsports 24mm Tubular carbon rim
Sapim CX-ray spokes
Continental Sprinter 22mm tubular front tire (Only one big ride)
Continental Competition 25mm tubular rear tire (BRAND NEW UNRIDDEN, tire alone is about 12000yen)
2 sets of farsports carbon rim break pads included
Lightweight farsports skewers

My asking price is 100,000yen 90,000yen

I only have one long ride on these and a shorter river test ride. These are liiiight, spin up without any effort at all and climb like a dream, also descends with confidence and breaking is much better than you would expect for carbon rims.
So why sell these you might ask?
Well, I’m not man enough to ride tubulars is the short answer.
Original plan was to have this for “special occasions”, wheels for targeted PB attempts and the odd hill climb race. However since I got a new job I don’t have the time to train enough to get to my best, and our weekend selfie rides I always end up choosing my clincher wheels for convenience. But it’s such a nice wheel set to would be a shame if they only hang on my wall.
In contrast @leicaman rides the exact same build and he rides his all the time.

Also have set of Mavic Ksyrium SLR clinchers up for sale, check it out here!

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Tokyo Cycling Club
Jun 30, 2013
I built these, and offered @saibot a life-long truing and tuning arrangement, where he brings them to me if he gets any problems, or needs them straightening up at any point and I do whatever is needed.

I have the spare spokes for both wheels too, in the correct lengths (bought as extra to the required amount for the build at the time of purchasing all the parts), so in the event of spoke snapping, I can fix this too.

Whoever buys these wheels, I will move this arrangement over to them, and continue the deal just as if Tobias still had them. This will save whoever buys them a LOT of potential hassle and money for maintenance. Unless of course, whoever buys them is a wheel building God and can deal with it all themselves, in which case I am willing to give the spare spokes to them.

Technical info; the nipples are DT 14mm, with nipple washers installed. The front wheel is tensioned to just over 100kg, and compresses down to pretty much exactly 100kg when the tyre is inflated. The rear drive side is 114kg, which again, sits down to about 110kg when the tyre is inflated. Tune set a 100kg tension limit on these two hubs, with a safety buffer of approximately 30kg (this info I have got direct from Tune).

I also possess bearing press drifts for all of the bearings in these hubs, and can quickly get replacement bearings, should they ever need replacing.

For the record, I built these for free, for Tobias (he just bought the parts), and have not charged for any work on these wheels for any subsequent servicing. I will continue to not charge any money for servicing of these wheels, in keeping with this original arrangement, for whoever buys them. You will just need to get them to me whenever you want them truing or servicing in any way.

And yes, these are absolutely amazing wheels, and light as FACK.


Maximum Pace
May 29, 2012
You are the man @TCC ! And realize I didn't write who the builder was... (will go spank myself now)


Maximum Pace
Sep 20, 2012
These wheels are simply fantastic. I got mine (exact same build down to the same nipples and washers) in around April this year and they have barely been off my bike. I have two other wheelsets including the incredibly sexy Reynolds aero 58 but they never get look in. My first choice is always the tune set. Don't listen to @saibot when it comes to tubs. He's a big girls blouse. Normal people (those that aren't afraid of their own shadow) should have no problems with tubs.

I originally bought mine as a "special occasion " wheelset but they quickly became my go to wheel in every situation. The wheels performed perfectly on my 357km 7000m elevation gain "Crazy ride" this summer. I've lost count of the number of 200km+ rides I have done on them.
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Bokeh master
Sep 28, 2011
I originally bought mine as a "special occasion " wheelset but they quickly became my go to wheel in every situation. The wheels performed perfectly on my 357km 7000m elevation gain "Crazy ride" this summer. I've lost count of the number of 200km+ MegaloBrevets I have done on them.

All fixed...


Maximum Pace
May 29, 2012
Prepared to do a slight adjustment of the asking price. 90.000yen, you won't get better/lighter wheels for this price.
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