For Sale '87 Team Hitachi Merckx Track frame


Speeding Up
May 14, 2010
Tokyo, Japan
  • As the title suggests, I have an '87 Team Hitachi Eddy Merckx track frame that I am looking to sell as it has just been sitting in the garage collecting dust. Originally bought it with the intention to build it up period correct, but am looking for something more modern. The it's a 56cm frame (serial #A6587A) and in pretty good condition with a bit of wear around the bottom of the bb and the rear dropouts. Only have these 2 photos at the moment, but can supply more upon request. I am looking to get what I paid for it a few years, ¥90,000 (frame + fork), but am a bit flexible. I also have most of the Campy track group from 86/87 in either almost new or NOS shape if interested.
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