82 kg safety guideline


Speeding Up
Jul 23, 2011
Chiba City
I remember seein it when I thought my bike would have Fulcrum Racing 7 wheels. (Today I weighed in at 81.8kg...)

If you weigh 82kg/180lbs or more they suggest you inspect your bike more frequently (than someone who weighs less) and that you have to be careful.

And now they've added (I think this is new)- If you weigh over 109kg/240lbs then they advise you to not use their product.

You can find the warning toward the top (bold print in the middle of the blue box):

And these are full AL wheels.

I know my Gios has the same 82kg warning in the owner's manual (not just for the wheels but for the whole bike).
Look at the small print of your owner's manuals- maybe they say the same thing (don't know about mountain bikes).