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For Sale 59cm Vintage British gentleman frame and parts


Aug 14, 2013
Wanna be ready for your next Tweed run in style? Here’s a vintage British bike to pull it off. While a turn of the century machine would be the thing, a 60’s set of wheels with a proper British bent on the fork would be quite respectable.

Coventry Eagle began building bikes to Victorian ladies and gents. At the beginning of the 20th century they moved into motorized cycles, with some outstanding vintage models to their credit. The bike department still kept on trucking (so to speak) for over 70 years. Eventually Coventry Eagle became a subsidiary of Falcon, with the once illustrious brand name fading into the sands of time by the early 70’s.

This should be a 60’s model, mid to high end judging by the chromed fork tips, straight Reynolds 531 tubing and gorgeous head badge. The head badge alone usually fetches $50+ on Ebay. Enough luster on the original paint to merit keeping it. The foil stickers would be nearly impossible to find today. The 60’s built of these bikes were truly a statement in globalization, with British, French, German, Italian, and Japanese parts found on the same bike. Here are the measurements:
  • Seat Tube 59cm C-t-C
  • Top Tube 67cm C-t-C
  • Wheelbase 105.5cm
  • Chainstay length 44.5cm
  • Fork clearance 48.5mm at tire level.
  • Brake mount to middle of 27” rim, 58mm
Looks like enough clearance for 28mm tires with fenders, 32 without. This frame is for 27” wheels so if you move to smaller diameter 700c wheels you would get more clearance.

Headset and bottom bracket would need to be repacked with grease. Crank is of undetermined provenance.

How does it ride? Dunno, too big for me. Judging by the geometry and materials it should make for a posh ride. By today’s standards this is a very relaxed geometry, with a long enough wheelbase to absorb a lot of road vibration and stiff enough to power through without flexing. I would be surprised if anybody complaints about flex on straight Reynolds 531 tubeset. What I love about these old frames is that wheel clearance is a lot tighter than today’s cyclo-cross inspired bikes. I find that this makes them shine on cornering at speed when coming down the mountain.

I would build this with vintage mid-tier Campanolo stuff such as the late Gran Sport (earlier original gran sport is the stuff you frame on a wall, the later 70’s stuff using the same name is what I’m talking about) or Valentino line.

40,000 yen for this hard to find frame. Shipping from Misawa-shi, Aomori-ken. I don’t have a Japanese bank account nor do I know how to do the whole black cat payment on delivery thing. If you can pay via Paypal it would be best.


Aug 14, 2013
I have other parts I can throw in there such as brake levers and a Suntour V-GT rear derailleur. If you just want to get this thing going I have a number of incorrect parts that would fit. It certainly deserves to be built right but in the mean time...


Sincerely A Dick
Nov 14, 2011
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