Review 4iiii Precision Power Meter


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Jul 3, 2012
Alright lads. Fess up. Who ordered one (or two) of these? Anyone got it yet? I'm power hungry currently and am pondering the options. "Post reviews here" he said hopefully.

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Aug 27, 2012
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Waiting for the Brim brothers shoe mounted option (I have carbon cranks so the 4iii is out). Signed up a while back ...when the original design involved a riding boot and the strain guage was still mounted on a stirrup

Loved having the Powertap on the rear wheel for the last 18mths but it does cut down on your wheel options


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Jan 6, 2012
exhuming this thread.

I think it might be a good time to look for PMeters for me and I'm looking at 4 right now

1.) stages ....obviously gen2 seems relatively problem free.
2.) 9100 p:... 2017 pending reviews. I love the minimalism and shimano usually gets things right. hard to go wrong with this one
3.) p2m. I dont know shit about compatability I'm still iffy on this one.

which brings me to my question:
4.) I'm also considering a 4iiii too. Has the battery issue been resolved? It'd be a shame if the savings were eaten up by battery costs.


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Jan 6, 2012

Well for starters, There's a heck lot of them right there.
I ride a giant tcr slr2 with a SHIMANO SM-BB71-41B Press Fit (BB86) bottom bracket. so I'm naturally looking at the gossamer and the rotor cranksets

My criteria is
1.) consistency (not too much about accuracy)
2.) durability
3.) price.

I only have 1 bike so swapping out stuff isn't a big deal. I can't seem to justify the added cost of p2m vs the 4iii/stages
400usd vs 100kyen ++ new chainrings is a significant number. given the criteria above, it seems that p2m only wins in durability.



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Oct 9, 2015
I have made a new thread reviewing it, so others can find the info easy, but to answer your questions...

-It is very consistent and seems accurate. I have had no fall outs at all, in all kinds of weather and at a wide range of wattage.
-I can't see how it could get broken, under normal use. The internal electronics, the dury is still out of course, as I only have a month on it, but the structure seems very sturdy.
-Yeah, it is not the cheapest, for certain. That is up to you to decide on, of course.

I bought Power2Max due to it being used by Movistar seemingly without issue, and also being available for Cannondale cranks. If you don't have niche cranks and limited choice, or are willing to just get a whole new crank system, then there are other options for sure.
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Apr 8, 2008
The 4iiii battery has been improved with updated firmware apparently.

I have a 4iiii which was used for about 6 months.

I stopped using it when I changed to dura ace cranks last October.

The 4iiii is on 175 ultegra. I was thinking of selling as a complete crankset (ultegra 50,34).

PM me if you are interested.

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