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4 week tour of Japan by bike


Sep 28, 2016
Hi we are 2 people from the UK heading to Japan next week for 4 weeks touring by bike and maybe a bit of train.
We are flying to Tokyo and planning on getting a train to the fuji area to cycle the 5 lakes then heading south to Hiroshima and crossing the shimanami kaido from onomichi to Shikoku, cycle around Shikoku and leave by ferry from Tokushima to Wakauama.
From here head up to Osaka and Kyoto and on to Ishikawa-ken, around the peninsular of Noto-Hanto and return to Tokyo via Takayama and Matsumoto (Japan alps national park)
Is this a reasonable itinerary for the time we have? Are we missing anything improved? Any personal recommendations?
All advice is welcomed


Bokeh master
Sep 28, 2011
Looks like a great time! Best of luck with the trip!


Maximum Pace
Oct 16, 2014
That reads like a great trip. You will know how much distance you can do each day but the train option is also a great backup. Be prepared to alter your plans but as an outline of an itinerary it's fine. Take lots of pics andkjeep us updated with progress.
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